Ironskin- November 23

Grade: B

It's quite trendy now to re-imagine the classics. We've been pleasantly surprised by some and confused by others, but in the case of Ironskin by Tina Connolly, we think Jane Eyre has become quite interesting.

The Great War, which pitted humans against Fey, lasted five years and claimed many victims. It destroyed cities and scarred survivors. Some so badly, that they must wear iron guards to shield others from the Fey curses embedded in their skin. Jane Eliot, after surviving an attack on her family, must wear an iron mask that covers most of her face. Her curse is rage and if it leaks beyond her mask, it can greatly harm innocent by-standers. Seeking to aid others like her, Jane answers an advertisement for a governess believing that she will be teaching another Fey victim. However, after meeting Dorie (her new pupil) and Edward Rochart (Dorie's father), Jane begins to see that there may be more than just a Fey curse to contend with; not to mention her unexpected attraction to Edward. As the secrets begin to unravel, Jane must also face the truth behind her own mask.

A little Steampunk, a little Fey, and some interesting twists make this one of the better Jane Eyre type stories. We aren't generally fond of the Fey world, but it works here and it isn't so heavily overdone. Ironskin is the first in the trilogy.

Next Up: The Diviners by Libba Bray- Nov. 30th

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